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  • Certified to UK healthcare standards
Custom branded hand soap, sanitiser and cream refill cartridge systems

Custom branded hand soap, sanitiser and cream refill cartridge systems

We are a specialist UK manufacturer and wholesale supplier of hand soap, sanitiser and cream refills for wall mounted soap dispenser systems. 

Our certified own label products and unique captive key system ensures brand value and compliance.

We offer a fast and efficient, scalable service, with dedicated in-house production.

Hand soap refills in your own brand

Experience the value of selling your own brand to secure repeat sales. With our custom branding service, you can do just that, available for both large and small quantities.

Scalable production to meet your volumes

We don't believe that own brand hand care cartridge systems should be limited. We offer a complete hand care range in your own brand that is scalable to meet your companies' requirememts.

Fast and efficient dispatch, without compromise

Our aim is to be as fast and efficient as possible without comprising on quality or customer service. You will receive emails as your order progresses through our production and dispatch system.

UK’s leading supplier of quality skin care and hand soap refills

We are driven by a simple passion for delivering outstanding value, being reliable, and ensuring our offering remains market-leading.

Quality is a loose term, but we believe it's our agility to monitor, to change and to improve that makes our quality control a sound process.  It's about being flexible, yet reliable and constantly improving.

Why choose hand soap refill cartridges instead of bulk refillable dispensers?

  • Cartridge soap systems are safer and cleaner
  • Cartridges are more reliable and less prone to break
  • Dispensers are quicker and easier to refill
  • No need to clean inside the dispenser
  • Cartridges are more economical

Our promise to you

Cartridge dispensers

When you buy hand care refill cartridges from us we support your business by providing subsidised wall mounted soap dispensers. The more cartridges you buy, the more dispensers we will provide.

Impartial, expert advice

We believe that customer service is the most important factor. We share our expertise with our customers offering technical advice and customised support.

Made in the UK

All of our hand soap refill cartridges are made here in the UK using components from responsibly sourced suppliers. Please contact us if you would like further information.

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